Kalman Safrut


Every letter has meaning. Every person is like a letter. Every letter has a story. Combining tradition and a fresh outlook, Kalman Safrut creates scribal art that connects the Micro with the Macro, allowing you to see much more than meets the eye. The art is the story of each person.


The world was created with the 22 holy letters. Children learn these letters and as we get older the letters become words, making up the very fabric of our world. In the holy language, every word has an intrinsic deeper meaning, which when broken down, reveals the holy letters once again. The “art-form” of scribe work is a tradition passed down from generation to generation, a skill that takes years to master. Through these letters, the very fabric of nature and God are intertwined and come to life. Kalman Safrut takes these pristine letters and allows us to have a glimpse into the beauty behind the letters Through a deep understanding of each letter and the function it serves, the letters come to life, bringing both beauty and inspiration to our eyes and our souls.


Through understanding and interperetting the deeper meaning of letters and verses, Kalman sits with you and understands your story. The process, a combination of exploring and examining who you are, results in timeless pieces of meaning and importance.


The ketubah is a traditional marriage contract. With the holy letters, both man and wife are connected and intertwined with a binding agreement to love, respect and cherish each other. After a deep and personal consultation with each couple, Kalman adds a personal and artistic touch to each Ketubah utilizing color, Torah verses and the emotions of the Bride and Groom. Kalman works collaborates with other Jerusalem artist in order to insure that this timeless treasure reflects the beauty of the marriage that will be.